What's all this buzz about Equity?

A t Equity Real Estate®, we are dedicated to transforming the lives of our Realtors® by providing them with unparalleled support, resources, and opportunities. We firmly believe in the power of our approach to increase income levels, improve lifestyles, and ultimately, change lives. Our team is passionate about sharing the Equity experience and welcomes all who are willing to join our family. We take great pride in the success of our team and the positive impact we have had on the Real Estate industry. We are committed to continuing our efforts to help the industry thrive and flourish nationwide. Experience the magic of Equity for yourself and join us today.

Carmen B.

Equity is a great brokerage to work for. They have the resources and the people to take care of us agents, they care about our success and it shows through their services. I love Equity!

Jolie B.

Thank you for providing tools to manage successful real estate transactions and client care.

Karyl L.

I love the support I get from Equity! I’m so proud to be a part of such a great company!

Cindy S.

Equity is the BEST IN THE WEST!!!! Love you guys

Alexandra S.

So great moving through my first transaction at Equity!!

Denise S.

I am so happy to be a part of Equity!!

Nicole D.

Love my job and love this company! My brokers are the best!

Lynette J.

Best Brokerage ever!

Matthew K.

Keep up the great work and thanks for the smooth transaction

Tanya B.

So appreciate the support and helping us stay current. Thanks guys!

David L.

Thanks for being such a great brokerage!

Michelle R.

This was my first completed transaction and I’m impressed with how smoothly it went!

Jennifer H.

Love my Broker!

Reza A.

Thanks to Equity and my Broker Troy

Cindi J

Crystal Geipel was super prompt on responding to each communication from me. She was on top of everything. My commission check was deposited quickly. Eric Lee was available for any questions/clarifications that I had during this transaction.

George V.

Closing team is efficient and very responsive.

Heidi P.

I just have to say how pleased I am with Equity! I love you guys! You are there when I need you. Continue to strive to get better and when I close, I get paid so quickly! Thank you!

Jason L.

Equity Forever!

Darla H.

LOVE Equity and all of the NEW Changes. Keep it up!!!

Trung D.

I have done my research with other brokerages and the comparisons. Every brokerage has their pros and cons. But I have seen more pros with Equity that I will be more than happy to share with anybody.

Blaine F.

I appreciate Crystals patience in helping me with getting the required documents submitted. I am a part-time agent and she showed a great deal of patience and understanding as I worked through the process. Thank you!

Carolyn H.

I love the opportunities for reward in Equity! Low transaction fees, gift cards, and Profit Share. I’m having so much fun as a new agent with Equity!

Holly D.

Equity Real Estate provides the best technology, tools, training, and leadership so that I may focus on growing my business.

Shantell D.

With the training available and the technology offered to me as an Equity Agent I couldn't feel more confident representing clients. I'm proud to represent Equity.

David A.

I left a larger nationwide Real Estate firm in January of 2016 to join Equity. My main reason was my old firm had gotten too fee happy! I sat down with my managing broker, asked a log of questions about the services and support offered and provided by Equity. I was pleasantly shocked to learn that Equity offered the same—and in most cases, better—technology and support than my old firm ever had! And all for about a quarter of the price/fees. To date, I have closed my first two deals with Equity. I couldn't be more pleased with my decision. The staff has all been great to work with. The dotloop program provided has been outstanding. I now look forward to receiving my commission checks! In the past, I was always trying to figure out what is this new extra fee they took out for now ? If you are thinking about switching over to Equity, I would encourage you to stop thinking about it and join today, before your next deal closes!

Domenic G.

Since I joined Equity, I have felt a sense of rejuvenation in my real estate direction mostly due to the positive attitudes among the ownership, staff, and fellow agents.

Lawrence C.

Equity is a well run brokerage that can be of benefit to all agents, regardless of experience.

Ehab A.

Best Company I have worked with.

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